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Products В2В «Fruit and berry fillings»


Factory for processing of fruit and vegetables "Vortumnus" exists in Poland since 1977. It is a family company, the main principle of which is high quality and natural products. The company – is a leading manufacturer of semi-finished products for the confectionery industry, including baked apples, fruit and berry fillings, candied fruit, pudding creams, fruit and berries in jelly glaze and spreads for ice cream. The company "Vortumnus" combines a long lasting tradition of progressive and modern technology.
Fillings from the company "Vortumnus" are great:

  • for shortcrust, yeasty, flaky, biscuit baking;
  • for cakes, rolls, charlottes;
  • for ice cream;
  • in cookery for making pancakes, dumplings

and in the finished product they are virtually identical to fresh fruit.
Ingredients: Fruit 85%, sugar, citric acid, starch, nature-identical flavoring.
Bucket 11 kg.
Storage: 9 months from the date of manufacture in a cool dry place at temperature not above 20 ° C, humidity - not more than 75%.


не выше 20°С, влажность - не более 75%.